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Published Jun 12, 21
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Lofgren. I will now recognize our distinguished Ranking minority Member, Steve King, for his opening statement. Mr. King. Thank you, Madam Chair. I appreciate your holding this hearing, and I appreciate the witnesses who are here to testify today. I had an opportunity to at least meet our first panel, and I would reflect that, often, we legislate by anecdote here in this Congress as opposed to taking a look at the broader statistical data that tells us where society might go if we move forward on pieces of policy.

If we do not adhere to that law, then we are granting a status for those who are unlawfully present in the United States a tuition discount that is greater and disproportional to that of a citizen who might live in another State. For example, my daughter-in-law grew up in the Mississippi River bottom, farmed right up next to the river--her father did-- within sight of Iowa, and went to school in Iowa at Iowa State, but those of her circumstances were not qualified for in-state tuition.

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Yet, in some of those circumstances in States around the Union, in a number of States, the discount is provided to those who are unlawfully present, and those who wanted to go to that same institution who did not happen to live, perhaps, in that State paid a premium, and I will submit that that is an inequity.

All of our hearts go out to people who are not in control of their own destiny, and I recognize that the witnesses here before us on this panel represent that cross-section of those who are not in control of their own destiny. By the same token, the United States of America needs to be in control of its destiny as well.

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It cannot be called anything else, and anyone who can claim that they came into the United States prior to January 1st of 2007 would get a provisional legalization until such time as they could figure out how to make it a little bit more formal and a path to citizenship for almost everyone who can claim they were in the United States.

The Senate is poised to sacrifice the rule of law because they cannot find it in their hearts to look someone in the eye and say, ``I am sorry. The rule of law is more important. Everybody has a certain cross to bear, but we have an obligation to the destiny of the United States of America, and we need to move it to a higher destiny, not a lower destiny.'' That is not an indictment of the ladies who are here in front of us today.

So, with that and with that in mind, I am looking forward to hearing the testimony from the witnesses before us today. Madam Chair, I yield back the balance of my time. Ms. Lofgren. The gentleman yields back. I am pleased to recognize the Chairman of the full Committee, Chairman John Conyers, for his opening statement.

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Conyers. Thank you very much, Madam Chair. I rise in defense of President George Bush's position on immigration, which he will be shocked and hopefully pleased to know that we do have one point of agreement. I ask the question, though, back to our friend from Iowa. Well, what should we do with the children after we look them in the eye? Who makes the rule of law? I thought we were all weighing in on it and that it was not some permanent static set of rules.

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The students' voices are critically important as we weigh our policy options and political realities. Ms. Lofgren. Without objection, all Members of the Subcommittee will be invited to place their opening statements in the record, and I especially appreciate the willingness of all Members to do that since we have the author of the DREAM Act here on our panel, Mr.

Wednesday's hearing dealt with probably the most crucial aspect underlying the immigration debate, an immigrant's ability to integrate, and assimilate into American society. Yesterday we tackled another pressing topic, the practical issue of the impact of immigration on States and Localities. Today we will discuss the issue of the ``Future of Undocumented Immigrant Students.'' I want to thank Chairwoman Lofgren for holding this very thoughtful hearing.

Naturally the discussion is about adults, but again I remind my colleagues that this discussion is also about human beings first and foremost, humans with families and children. We have seen the impact that recent raids in New Bedford have had on their families. Despicable stories of toddlers being left behind at daycare centers, this is an absolute nightmare.