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Published Aug 23, 21
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NSE provides its customers with a fully automated screen based trading system known as NEAT system, in which a member can punch into the computer quantities of securities and the prices at which he likes to transact and the transaction is executed as soon as it finds a matching sale or buy order from a counter party.

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There had to be a physical delivery of securities -a process fraught with delays and resultant risks. The second aspect of the settlement relates to transfer of shares in favour of the purchaser by the company. The system of transfer of ownership was grossly inefficient as every transfer involves physical movement of paper securities to the issuer for registration, with the change of ownership being evidenced by an endorsement on the security certificate.

Theft, forgery, mutilation of certificates and other irregularities were rampant. In addition, the issuer has the right to refuse the transfer of a security. All this added to costs and delays in settlement, restricted liquidity and made investor grievance redressal time consuming and, at times, intractable. To obviate these problems, the Depositories Act, 1996 was passed.

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Two depositories, viz., NSDL and CDSL, have come up to provide instantaneous electronic transfer of securities In any stock exchange, trades or transactions have to be settled by either squaring up the carrying forward positions or settling by payment of net cash or net delivery of securities. This account settlement period, if it is long leads to several price distortions and allows for market manipulation.

With the application of IT in the securities market - screen-based trading and trading through the Internet - it has been possible to reduce this settlement period Dematerialization or "Demat" is a process whereby your securities like shares, debentures etc, are converted into electronic data and stored in computers by a Depository.

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Will i get access to all paid course at a time? The courses will be available on a day by day process one by one. After you finished the course, it will be all available at once for you to read again which will be valid for 30 days only.

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Why is there only a 30 Days Validity for the course? We want you to learn this course seriously and our objective is to teach you and be a good trader and investor. Plus you will have access 24 hours by 30 days as per your convenience so that you can learn efficiently and trade faster and better.

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What are Recorded Live Courses? These are pre recorded videos which are made to learn and understand the share market. 8. What are Class Room Training? These are training sessions which are conducted in physical class rooms on enrollment. 9. What are 1-On-1 Video Sessions? These are Live sessions with faculties which will held over a video call as scheduled by the instructors.

Mumbai is now a major financial center in India and Dalal Street is home to a large number of banks, investment firms, and related financial service companies. The importance of Dalal Street to India is similar to that of Wall Street in the United States. Indian investors and the press will cite the investment activity of Dalal Street and will use it as a figure of speech to represent the Indian financial industry.

Description Provider of textile materials intended to raise the bar for sustainability in future. The company's offerings include creating textile fibers using biology, fermentation, and traditional textile production, enabling textiles markets to turn textile waste raw materials into products.

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Futures markets have been described as continuous auction markets and as clearing houses for the latest information about supply and demand. They are the meeting places of buyers and sellers of an ever-expanding list of commodities that today includes agricultural products, metals, petroleum, financial instruments, foreign currencies and stock indexes.