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Published Sep 22, 21
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As such grey market trading is an indication of the interest in the company’s future stocks as well as a way for investors to get in early. Digital payments giant Paytm, operated by One97 Communications, is planning to raise INR 21,800 Cr ($3 Bn) in an initial public offering (IPO) by November this year.

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Grey Market premium is the flat gain of the share one who involved in the above grey market transaction. GMP Shall be positive or negative depends on the demand. Even though the grey market is unofficial, the demand of the IPO shall be reflected in the Grey market premium. The GMP indicates the IPO Listing price on the Listing date.

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Since the transactions are made in Cash and only on the Basis of “Trust” between two parties. GMP value is just an Indication and not an assured value of listing price. It is only a Price Manipulation. How it works? Lets us assume that a transaction is happening between two investors “X” & “Y”.

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Let’s take an example of an IPO Issue price is Rs. 750 with the quantity 20. “X” is selling with a premium of Rs 100 to “Y” irrespective of its listing price. There are three cases which can happen on the Listing date. Listing below the issue price : i.

Here “X” receives Rs. 17,000 from “Y” and gains profit of Rs. 2,000. “Y” losses his premium Rs. 2000 and another Rs. 1,000 from the listing loss. Total loss for “Y” is Rs3,000. Par Listing Just above the issue price : i. e.)800Rs. Here “X” receives Rs. 17,000 from “Y” and gains profit of Rs.

Total Gain for “Y” is Rs3,000. There is no trustworthiness but in most of cases the GMP works properly and IPO lists around the (Issue price+Premium). Stay away from this Grey market because you might be fooled by the some manipulators. Always better to invest directly in the Primary Market.

Let us first clear the confusion between the grey markets, the black market, and the grey economy. Usually, people miss interpret and estimate all the three to be the same, however, there is a difference amongst the three. Sales of legal commodities or goods through a distribution channel that are also legal however not intended for sales by the original manufacturer is called selling in the market.

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Economy or goods and products that are not taxed or monitored by any form of the government comes under the grey economy. This is a very informal type of economy. Definition This term that is ‘The Grey Market’ is also spelled as ‘The Gray Market’ however the meaning is the same and it has the same definition.