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Business[edit] SET provides end-to-end exchange services as follows: • Securities market Listing and trading: SET Group provides securities trading service through SET and mai, while offering bond trading service through TBX. Clearing and settlement: SET Group is a clearing house for transactions executed on SET, mai and TBAX. The group also offers the clearing and settlement services for over-the-counter (OTC) bond trading.

After brokerage houses electronically send buy or sell orders from their offices to the SET mainframe computer, the ASSET system queues the orders and arranges them according to a price-then-time priority. This means orders are first grouped according to price, with the best price taking precedence. Then, within each price group, orders are arranged according to time.

Continuous Order Matching procedures operate during the regular trading sessions. The ASSET continuously matches the first buy and sell orders in the queue, and at the same time, confirms each executed transaction via the member (broker's) terminal. Call market matching is used in calculating the opening and closing prices of a security at the opening and closing of trading.

Put Through (PT) trading[edit] ASSET also allows brokers to advertise their buy or sell interests by announcing bid or offer prices. Members may then deal directly with each other, either on behalf of their clients or for themselves. Prices may be adjusted during the negotiation; hence, the effective executed price may not be the same as that advertised and may not follow the price spread rules.

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There are two trading sessions per day, morning and afternoon except Cross-border Products. Pre-opening session I: This is the morning auction which starts at 09:30 and ends at a random time between 09:55 and 10:00 when the open price is determined. Morning Session: This session starts immediately after the pre-open (at a random time between 09:55 and 10:00) and continues till 12:30.

See the list of stocks with the highest trading volume at a quick glance. Large trading volumes tend to appear in close proximity to strong price levels and pivot points. Such volumes are often the result of a large number of orders being filled on certain price levels when big players enter the market.

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August 2014 Thailand has a modern financial system where a wide range of investments is available, both for residents and non-residents. For expats in Thailand, there is usually the choice of repatriating their income to their home country, or to keep it in Thailand. If the latter option is chosen, it’s best to have some Thai Baht investments.

If your investments are offshore, there is generally no tax to pay in Thailand unless you remit your investment income into Thailand in the same year. If your investments qualify as Thai-source income, they will be subject to Thai personal income tax. Capital gains are exempt if they are made on a local stock market.

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Inflation in Thailand - overview Inflation in Thailand is subject to central bank monitoring, with an inflation target of 0. 5 to 3%. In practice, this means that inflation is more likely to stay close to 3% over the long run. For more information on monetary policy, see Foreign Exchange for Expats in Thailand.

To the extent that foreign ownership of Thai companies is limited to 49% (25% for banks), the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has issued Non-Voting Depositary Receipts (NVDR) to circumvent the foreign ownership restrictions. In effect, an NVDR is different from a share in that it does not confer voting rights.

Not all mutual funds are eligible for tax relief. Consequently, you might wish to check if the tax relief is mentioned in the fund information sheet. Financially speaking, the problem with mutual funds is that they are subject to higher fees than direct investments on the stock market. Thai securities (costs) Do consider carefully the applicable transaction costs if you wish to trade Thai securities.

Here are the main costs you should be aware of: Broker’s commission fees (not less than 0. 15%) Minimum commission fees Stamp duty (0. 1%, subject to certain exemptions) Any other applicable fees that may be charged by your broker or your bank. Thai securities (overview) The main stock index in Thailand is the SET Index.

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Additionally, stock market variations are very dependent on interest rate variations or expectations. The central bank interest rate in Thailand is currently at 2%, which is low but still well above zero. On the stock market, your emotions are your enemy. You must control them rather than let them control you.

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