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Published Aug 16, 21
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The Wall Street Journal carried an intriguing story on March 11 about how the Bank of Japan was “aggressively purchasing stock funds.” (The Journal is owned by News Corp., the parent of The Post.) “By directly underpinning the market, [Bank of Japan] officials have tried to encourage private investors to follow suit and put more money in stocks in the hope of stimulating the economy and increasing inflation,” read the report with a Tokyo dateline.

The benefits, Japan’s central bank believes, will then trickle down to the rest of the economy. The Journal provided lots of details that I won’t get into here. But the paper also presumed that all these central bank stock purchases were being done on the Tokyo market and that only the shares of Japanese companies were being rigged.

The Bank of Japan — and other central bankers around the world — could easily be purchasing shares of American companies to help out the US stock market. And Japan could even be doing it with the blessing of Washington, which is afraid any direct intervention in equities on its part would be discovered by nosy people like me.

But what the CME’s discount tells us is that the Bank of Japan and other central banks are probably already customers. So the rigging of US stock markets by foreign entities has likely been going on for some time. Has the US ever directly rigged the stock market? I’m sure it has.

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Okay, so the markets are rigged. Basically everyone now agrees on that. But should we care? America was built on capitalism and free and fair markets. Today’s markets aren’t fair. In fact, they are unfair because they are putting lots of money into the pockets of a small number of Americans.

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And banks are going to be hesitant to lend money to companies with fuzzy valuations.

He claimed that big banks and high volume traders were able to manipulate the market in such a way as to rip off investors. Yet some of his conclusions point to something more frightening: The market might be out of control and nobody understands how it really works. In the book, Lewis tells the story of Brad Katsuyama, who was formerly the head of the Royal Bank of Canada’s (RBC) New York trading operation.

The traders would try to buy large blocks of stock only to discover that somebody else had bought the same shares seconds before they did.“The insiders are able to move faster than you and see your order and play it against orders in ways that you don’t understand,” is how Lewis described the arrangement.“It’s prey and predators and the prey is anybody who’s actually an investor, anybody who’s even speculating in the stock market,” Lewis said.

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“What’s interesting is: Who’s out? … Outsiders include the most sophisticated richest hedge fund managers in the world, the biggest pension funds, the biggest mutual funds in the world along with the guy with his E-Trade account. They’re all in the same position.”Lewis claims that some of the world’s most sophisticated investors, including hedge fund titans, have been burned by the system and are just as likely to lose money as average traders.

After discovering that hedge funds and other big traders were having the same problem, Katsuyama investigated and made an interesting find. Traders operating on BATS, an electronic exchange in New Jersey, could see trades before others. They could buy shares first and drive up the price — and then sell it and make a profit.“It just didn’t feel right, it didn’t feel right that people who are investing on behalf of pension funds and retirement funds are getting bait and switched in the market,” Katsuyama told 60 Minutes.

They can do this because they have figured out how to essentially put up a toll booth and charge anybody who wants to trade. Katsuyama has built a new exchange, called IEX, that puts up speed bumps to block high speed traders. He thinks that this system will be able to fix the problem.

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If Lewis and Katsuyama are correct, the bull market of the last few years might be completely artificial. The high stock prices may have been created by high speed traders inflating prices and don’t reflect real increases in value. History shows us that such bubbles burst and prices fall to reality..