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Published Aug 26, 21
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Reddit in general has a long, unhappy history of communities based around investment. The site was home to some of the earliest crypto trading communities, and a dig through old threads will surface any number of sad stories about ruined lives written in real-time. The massive rally in $GME was driven almost entirely by r/wallstreetbets — at least initially — for any number of reasons.

59 and all the consequences of it. Because it’s funny. It really is that simple. Many of Reddit’s most popular communities are based around video games, and Game, Stop is a particularly infamous company for many gamers. The store has a returns policy that allows customers to return games to build in-store credit that can be used to purchase other games.

On Friday of last week, the US domestic stock markets took a big dive, largely because there was concern that China's growth is slowing. Not only is their growth slowing, but their stock market has been takin' it on the chin. It gained incredible amounts last year, something like 30, 35 percent.

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China had been encouraging that growth by encouraging people to borrow money and put it in the stock market. Their economic growth has been flying high for several years as a result. China isn't the largest economy in the world, but it's close. Their stock market going down is a big deal.

Really, investors were looking for an excuse to slow down this crazy market growth we've got here. We've been in a bull market since 2009, and investors were looking for an excuse to freak out. This was a great excuse! Things like this tend to become an emotional spiral, so on Monday the market plunged even more—a lot more.

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The Dow lost 600 points on Monday. That was the eighth largest drop in history. From a points standpoint, that was really big. But you can't look at it like that, because it was starting from this really high level. It's around 16,000 right now. 600 points is nothing. If the DOW loses 600 points when it's sitting at 4,000, then that's something different.

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They add those companies' stocks all up together, and they get a number that they use to quantify how high they are on average. It's just an artificial quantification. But it doesn't really mean a lot to be honest with you. The Dow and any indexes like it are basically artificial constructs.

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As the Dow has grown and certain stocks have entered it and others have left it, that number has taken on a life of its own. The actual number doesn't really have any significance other than to show how much the Dow has grown since it started. No, but even people who understand the stock market sometimes do that.

The Dow isn't even a really good measure of the stock market. There are only 30 stocks, and they're all really big. The Dow Jones company selects the stocks that go in there very carefully because they want good, solid, strong companies. A better measure of the stock market would be the S&P 500, which has 500 stocks in it.

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Gosh, what was your question? No. The economy is a different deal. The economy is Gross Domestic Product—the GDP. It's the financial output of a country. The stock market is often considered a predictor of the economy, but it's not always a really good predictor of the economy. They call it a "leading indicator." In other words, if the stock market goes up, then people start thinking the economy will do well.

People make money when the stock market goes up. You can make money when the stock market goes down, but it's a lot more complicated and a lot more difficult. The vast majority of the money that's invested in stocks has a real vested interest in the market gaining. Investors—particularly traders—by nature, are greedy.

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They want it to go up. That's why we overdo bull markets. If they really reflected the economy, when the economy would slow down the stock market would slow down. When the economy picked back up, the stock market would pick back up. But that's not how it works. The other thing is that stocks are like a school of fish.