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What Is the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV)? The Mexican Stock Exchange, known as the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV) in Spanish, is headquartered in Mexico City and is the country's main full-service securities exchange. The exchange deals in cash equities, derivatives, and fixed-income products. Securities traded on the BMV are often denoted with the suffix '.

What's the best way to invest in Mexican stocks, you ask? Well, there's the easy answer and the harder answer -- but the harder answer may be more rewarding. The easiest means of buying Mexican stocks is the same answer I'd give to anyone looking to invest in any foreign country: Just buy the ETF.

Examine the prices of individual companies, determine whether or not they offer good value before trading, and once you've found a winner -- buy, buy, buy! Want a few ideas to start off with? Here are five mid-cap Mexican stocks, all trading for P/E ratios cheaper than the average 24.

We’re motley! Questioning an investing thesis -- even one of our own -- helps us all think critically about investing and make decisions that help us become smarter, happier, and richer.

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Benefitting from new coupled with lower energy costs, lower transportation costs and lower labor costs compared to many other countries, Mexico is poised for manufacturing growth. As Mexico’s manufacturing sector grows, other areas of Mexico’s economy are expected to benefit as well, which can provide an opportunity for investors. Here’s how to invest in Mexican stocks.

There are also a number of Mexican stocks that trade on U.S. exchanges, such as Wal-Mart de Mexico or Walmex (WMMVY), which is incorporated as a Walmart subsidiary serving Mexico and Central American countries. América , a leading provider of wireless service in Latin America, also trades on U.S. exchanges.

Investing in Mexican stocks has both its pros and cons — as well as a few things to simply be aware of before making a financial commitment. Pros As part of an emerging market fueled by lower costs of energy and labor, Mexican companies may offer an opportunity for outsized returns.

Risk due to political factors can come in several forms. Much like in the U.S., markets can be moved by uncertainty and by the actions of governments, which in Mexico’s case can be either Mexico’s government or the U.S. government’s actions. Investing in emerging markets can mean currency risk, wherein the trades occur in pesos and then have to be converted back to dollars, possibly reducing the value of the trade due to currency price movements.

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stock market, the largest in the world, there are sectors of companies that aren’t always easy to exit. This risk is even more common in emerging markets where sellers may not find many buyers at a given price. Choosing stocks of larger companies tends to reduce liquidity risk. How to Buy Mexican Stocks There are multiple ways to start investing in Mexico.

While offering diversification and a low barrier to entry, the downside to the ETF approach is that your returns may be lower than by investing in individual companies through a broker. Consider using a stock screener to according to your investment goals. These might include companies within a given sector, companies that have been on a growth trend, companies that are paying a dividend or other criteria you feel to be important.

To invest in Mexico, you’ll need to partner with a broker that can execute trades on Mexico’s exchanges. You’ll find that one requirement quickly reduces the field of choices. Interactive Brokers is a great choice for investing in and can complete trades on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), Mexico’s largest exchange.

Try before you buy. The best online trading platforms offer a where you can experiment without putting real money at risk. You can build a test portfolio — or several — and test one strategy against another or test your picks against a larger index, like the IPC, an index that tracks the Mexican stock market as a whole.

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Be mindful of trading costs when you begin trading. Buying or selling more frequently can result in more commissions paid to the broker and can eat away at your return. If possible, consider using larger and less frequent trades and also prioritize consistent investment amounts and intervals. Best Online Brokers Here are a few of our favorite brokers that allow you to invest in Mexican stocks.

and is the largest private employer in Mexico. Share prices have nearly doubled since 2015. Source: Shares in , the 2nd largest cement company in North America, are testing the lows last seen in early 2016. Is this the time to buy? It all depends on the type of investor you are, including your risk tolerance and willingness to research trading opportunities.

Start and increase gradually when you start investing. Take your time in learning how to invest in stocks, ideally by using a test account. Make notes on what works and what doesn’t work quite as well — but also keep track of how your picks would have done if given a bit more time.

Additionally, companies that list ADRs are subject to the same compliance and laws as other US companies. ADRs do contain risk and can be extremely volatile.

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In addition to the standard market volatility that every security—whether domestic or foreign—is exposed to, your potential return can be affected by fluctuations in the foreign currency against the U.S. dollar. For example, you might have a 10% gain in the value of a Japanese stock that you settled in yen, but at any given time, the Japanese yen might have depreciated in value against the U.S.

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Also note that interest is not paid on foreign currency positions.

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24% over the past 8 years. Please note this growth rate includes the effect of price inflation and it is NOT the real GDP growth rate. Current Annual GDP: $1,145 billion US dollars or 22,718 in billions of national currency. Mexico GDP (Billion, National Currency) Historical Stock Market Cap Historical total market of Mexico in billions of national currency.

In this case, the modified version of both the ratio and projected annualized market return will be treated the same as the original version. Mexico Total Assets of Central Bank (Billion, National Currency) Original and Modified Historical Ratio of Total Market Cap over GDP (%) The current ratio of total market cap over GDP for Mexico is 41.

The recent 10 year high was 38. 8%; the recent 10 low was 21. 67%. If we assume that the ratio will reverse to the recent 10 years mean of 32. 53% over the next 8 years, the contribution to expected annual return is -0. 62%. This is the detailed historical chart of the original TMC / GDP ratio and modified TMC / (GDP + Total Assets of Central Bank) ratio.

market valuation page, Investment Return (%) = Dividend Yield (%) + Business Growth (%) + (Re/Rb)(1/T)-1 We can compute the predicted and actual returns of the Mexico stock market over a given time period, T. In the calculation, we set T to equal eight years, the approximate length of a full economic cycle.

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The Actual Return line indicates the actual, annualized return of the Mexico stock market over eight years. We use “Indice de Precios y Cotizaciones” to do the actual return calculation. We can see the calculations largely predicted the trend in the stock market as the actual return line is closely parallel to the two predicted return lines.

3% a year for the coming years. This is from the contribution of economic growth in local current prices: 3. 24%, Dividend Yield: 1. 01% and valuation reverse to the mean -0. 97%. Under the modified model, the contribution of economic growth and dividend yield stays the same while the valuation reverse to mean changes to -0.