What Is The Best Jiffy Stock Market Company?

Published Sep 05, 21
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A Better Jiffy Stock Market?

This unregulated marketplace was established to trade stocks waiting in the wings to be listed on larger exchanges or to trade those unable to qualify for the big exchanges. Not every stock is associated with an IPO; some gray market stocks are issued by start-up or spin-off companies looking to test the waters before spending the time and money it takes to woo a major exchange.

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Who Trades on the Gray Market? Only people with lots of money and an attraction to risky stocks wind up as players on the gray market. Investors trade stock via unique “private trading platforms” such as Shares, Post, Second, Market or simply a consortium of accredited investors, explains the website Stock Rock and Roll.

Investors can also expect to ante up healthy commissions that are higher than those charged for transactions on bigger exchanges when they dabble in the gray market for stocks. There’s Little Structure Given the unique nature of the gray market, don’t look for conventional operations if you jump in and don’t look for the prospectuses, data or trade history associated with more-traditional stock exchanges.

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, also spelled "Gray Sheets," and also known as the "Gray Market" is another category of OTC stocks that is completely separate from Pink Sheets and the OTCBB. • No recent bid or ask quotes are available because no market makers share data or quote such stocks. There is no quoting system available to record and settle trades.

The only documentation that can be publicly found regarding the trades is when the last trade took place. • No SEC registration and little SEC regulation. Regulation of Grey Sheet stocks takes place mainly on a state level. Unlike Pink Sheets, these stocks have no SEC registration to possess a stock symbol or to possess shares, or trade shares, of that stock.

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• to gain a history of trading, and shareholder growth, until such time that a company qualifies to offer public shares, or to be traded on the Pink Sheets, OTCBB, or one of the stock exchanges. This all depends on the goals of a company and its qualifications. • to accumulate shares from private and public sources in preparation to meet requirements to be listed on the Pink Sheets or OTCBB.

Many start-ups do not qualify to register to trade on the other financial markets. In addition, the costs associated with registering can be prohibitive. The Grey Sheets offer a start-up company the opportunity to grow so that later they may meet the qualifications and expenses to be traded on a more prestigious financial market.

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Such stocks were delisted or removed and may begin trading on the Grey Sheets. Grey Sheet Trading: Some companies choose be listed or traded on in these sheets or remain on these sheets. If a company chooses to be traded on these Sheets, then the shares are many times held privately by management, employees and others associated with the company.

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Shares of such stock are extremely illiquid. Obviously this type of stock usually has very little history. And finding information on such stocks is difficult if not impossible since they are not required to file such reports with SEC (The Securities and Exchange Commission). Selling such shares of stock can be difficult and very slow for the reasons given.

Those Gray Sheets stocks that do have a history must be studied carefully - if you can find the information. Although companies with a history may have had serious past problems, they may still have novel and exciting developmental product(s) in the making that could become in high demand. And/or the company may have pulled out of their past problems and are now productive valued companies that choose to remain on the Grey Sheets.

If such agreement is broken by either participant before the transfer of shares occurs, there is little, if any, legal recourse to make the participant comply. Broker commissions for such transactions are far higher than for other securities - the broker's cut for services rendered. • No way to track bids and asks and difficult to figure what the stock is actually worth.

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• Such stocks mostly have very little history and may fold any time. • Many of these stocks are likely companies in name only with little to show. • Most of these stocks are very illiquid - difficult to buy and may be more difficult to sell. • Management has more control over the shares.