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Published Sep 06, 21
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There's a lot of money to be made in cryptocurrency these days. But there's also a lot to be lost. The same, however, can be said for the stock market. In fact, throughout its history, the stock market has experienced its fair share of crashes, and some experts believe that another downturn is imminent.

Of course, without a crystal ball, it's impossible to predict when the next stock market crash will occur, and it may not even happen this year -- but we should assume that we'll face some type of downturn eventually. If you've been toying with the idea of buying cryptocurrency to protect yourself in the face of a stock market crash, here's what you need to know.

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You might think that investing in cryptocurrency is a good way to hedge your bets in case stocks take a beating, and that's not a bad theory. The reality is that cryptocurrencies don't necessarily move with the stock market, so you could run into a situation where your stock portfolio is down but your crypto investments are up.

While it's a good idea to hold investments other than stocks for protection against a market crash, cryptocurrency isn't necessarily your best bet in that regard. A more stable alternative may actually be real estate. The real estate market also tends to operate independently of the stock market, and if you take the money you're thinking of investing in cryptocurrency and use it to buy an income property, for example, you'll secure a steady stream of rental earnings for yourself that can serve as a source of financial security if stock values plummet.

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Bitcoin is falling, but its an asset known for volatile periods. Its current slump isn’t pegged to one single event or piece of news but was instead being blamed on fear, uncertainty and doubt, or FUD, in the parlance of crypto traders. Fear, at least partly, centered on China’s digital-asset policy.

Complicating matters, some crypto trading platforms, including Coinbase Global COIN, +3. 77%, experienced outages that appeared to help put further pressure on prices. A spokeswoman for Coinbase said that the company’s trading problems have since been resolved. Bitcoin and crypto are inherently volatile. Bespoke Investment Group says that the average drawdown from a record high is close to 50%, and on 69% of all trading days over the past decade, bitcoin has been down more than 40% from its record high.

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Over the course of the past 11 years, bitcoin has seen more than 750 instances where prices saw a daily change of 5% or greater, more than 230 instances in which it swung by at least 10% and nearly 50 times that it has moved by at least 20%, according to Dow Jones Market Data.

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If you've invested (or are considering investing) in the crypto market, should you be worried about the most recent crash? Here's what you need to know. Image source: Getty Images. Why is crypto crashing? Cryptocurrencies have always been a volatile investment, and it doesn't take much to trigger a downturn.

Then China began cracking down on cryptocurrency mining, resulting in crypto prices plummeting even further. The IRS then revealed that it was getting more stringent about collecting taxes on cryptocurrencies, which may have contributed to the crypto crash, as well. Cryptocurrencies are also volatile, simply because they're highly speculative and many investors are still on the fence about them.

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Should you worry right now? Although this most recent crash can be intimidating, the good news is that this is nothing new for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has lost more than 80% of its value on multiple occasions, and it's always bounced back. Ethereum even lost nearly 95% of its value back in 2018, yet it was able to recover.

Again, this doesn't guarantee they'll always recover, but both of these cryptocurrencies have seen worse and were still able to survive. Bitcoin Price data by YCharts. As with any investment, the key to building wealth is to hold your investments for the long term. Cryptocurrency is still finding its footing, and if it does succeed, it could take years or even decades to become mainstream.

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If you think it has a bright future, you should be willing to hold onto your investments for as long as possible -- regardless of whatever volatility they may experience in the short term. Cryptocurrency will likely experience many more crashes over the years. As long as you stay focused on its long-term potential, it doesn't necessarily matter how it's performing right now.

Cryptocurrency is so speculative and risky right now, there's a chance you could lose any money you invest. For that reason, only invest money you can afford to lose. Think about how much you're comfortable losing, too. Even if you can afford to invest thousands of dollars, for example, if you know you'd lose sleep over losing that much money, you may want to scale back your investments.

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Cryptocurrency isn't the right investment for everyone, and it's best suited to those with a higher tolerance for risk. Volatility comes with the territory when investing in cryptocurrency. But if you believe in its potential and are willing to hold your investments for years or even decades, it could pay off down the road.

We’re motley! Questioning an investing thesis -- even one of our own -- helps us all think critically about investing and make decisions that help us become smarter, happier, and richer.

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The cryptocurrency market means different things to different people. To many, it represents an object of naked speculation, which consumes almost all the media coverage about the space. For these people, Wednesday was a bad day, with the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index plunging 19. 2% in its worst slide in more than a year.

It is the construction of a new financial system. For them, Wednesday was a huge win that might go down as one of the best days in crypto history. Under extreme stress, the system worked as designed. Yes, problems were uncovered, such as high fees to trade at the most volatile moments.

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Solutions to add more capacity and efficiency have been in the works for months and should be operational by year-end. MORE FROM THIS SECTIONSee All To understand why I believe Wednesday was a big victory for crypto, separate the space into its two main categories: centralized and decentralized finance. Centralized is the most familiar.

Traders use these liquidity pools to trade cryptos. The entire protocol is run by computer code called an automatic market maker. No humans are involved in the trading on these exchanges. The largest decentralized exchange is Uniswap. To access it, one must use an electronic wallet away from a regulated exchange and connect it to This exchange allows customers to trade several thousand different cryptos.

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This site allows developers to scale their decentralized apps to offer faster and more efficient services. It is critical to the De, Fi universe. Its founder Sandeep Nailwal tweeted that “Defi stayed strong." All these sites ran without incident even as some crypto prices crashed by 50%. The website bybt.

11 billion of positions liquidated automatically using smart contracts. No decentralized protocol failed or needed a bailout. No regulators had to decide to close anything. Everything on the blockchain is open and can be seen and analyzed in real-time, so these liquidations and trading can be watched as they unfold.

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So while most are focused on wild price swings and unusual coins, understand it was the traditional financial exchanges that failed investors again, not decentralized finance. Those arguing they are creating a new better financial system won the day. Those in the traditional system that failed investors again at a crucial time are the ones who need to be asked the hard questions.

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It could be a Ponzi scheme," Portnoy said. "I like the word 'moon' because that's where I want to go. So I am buying Safemoon." Online, traders debate selling some of their crypto-stash, while many point out that massive dips in the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have happened in the past, and likely do not portend the end of the crypto boom.

2 trillion. On Sunday, after seven days, it stands at around $1 trillion. The market stands in red, with all major cryptocurrencies trading at levels lower than their earlier prices. Elon Musk, the eccentric Tesla entrepreneur kicked off the rapid tumble when he announced that he will not be accepting bitcoin payments for his cars, given the insane energy consumption that is involved in mining these currencies.

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Given that the country remains the hub of crypto mining and is the biggest contributor of cryptocurrency trades in the world, the prices went tumbling even more. However, many market experts viewed the fall as necessary and coming. Per Neeraj Khandelwal, CTO and Co-founder, Coin DCX, the restrictions placed by the Chinese government are merely precautionary in nature.

For those who were already willing to dip their toes in at prices above $50,000, the latest slump could be a buying opportunity. A week ago, the crypto community was soaring after Coinbase’s (COIN) successful direct listing on the Nasdaq. Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $64,829. Within days, the bottom fell out, and prices plunged by $10,000.

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That may not be the case this time, but it’s a helpful reminder. The latest crash may have been caused by tax changes being floated by the Biden administration that could increase capital-gains taxes on high earners. Last week, a rumor about a Treasury Department crackdown on Bitcoin-fueled money-laundering may have precipitated another selloff.

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Bitcoin’s travails have captivated investors in the past week. That’s not surprising. A lot of new investors discovered the thrills of trading cryptocurrencies on the way up, and now they’re equally absorbed by the spills (though in a less pleasant manner). But what does it mean for those of us who aren’t big crypto investors? Does the crypto crash have any significance for wider markets? Why did bitcoin really fall? I hesitate to suggest that bitcoin has bottomed out (I have no idea), but for the time being at least it seems to have found a floor at around $30,000.

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It then took a proper knock on the head on 12 May. It slid from just under $60,000 to just under $50,000 in a single day. What else happened on 12 May? That’s when US inflation came in way above expectations, and markets suddenly started to take it all seriously.

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They also tend to be in sectors that actively benefit from a more inflationary world (raw materials companies and banks). So the FTSE 100 is a good example of an index that has a lot of this stuff. Gold is an interesting one to look at too. You probably know I’m a fan of gold as a diversifier in your portfolio.

What happened to “gold 2. 0”? Long story short, bitcoin and gold aren’t driven by the same things. Gold is starting to benefit from inflation concerns. If inflation goes up and interest rates go up, it’ll just generally be bad for tech stocks and for crypto – there’s less liquidity either way.