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Published Sep 14, 21
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On the other hand, if the players decided to play the non-cooperative game, it is believed that their profits will be much lower...This research paper explores the cement industry in Egypt by overlooking the history of the industry and taking the Arabian cement company as an example. The cement industry in Egypt is performing price discrimination as a result of the high market power that the firms have.

Last but not least, a case study about the industry in Egypt is made during the period of 2013-2017, and it was concluded that the cement market in Egypt is an oligopoly and third degree price discrimination is done by competitors in the market and game theory strategies are applied.

Most commentators endorse the view that the law should (and does) prohibit only those price elevations produced by certain sorts of interfirm communications, such as secret price negotiations. In contrast, little attention has been devoted to a more direct approach that encompasses all coordinated price elevations that can be detected and sanctioned effectively.

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This article examines optimal policy toward coordinated oligopolistic price elevation. First, it analyzes the social welfare implications of enforcement, elaborating the value of deterrence and the nature of possible chilling effects. Then, it explores a variety of means of detection, with particular attention to the sorts of errors that may arise under each.

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It emerges that there is remarkably little overlap in content between the present investigation and prior legal policy work on the subject. Some central issues have been ignored while particular resolutions of others have been taken for granted, thereby indicating the need for wholesale reassessment. Organizations with multiple individuals typically make decisions by following the will of the majority of some subset of stakeholders that are entitled to vote.

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But the fifteen-factor test may actually be worse, because it overloads the jury with factors to consider that may be irrelevant, overlapping, or even contradictory. And because the jury’s finding is the result of such a complex, multi-factor test, it is as a practical matter almost entirely immune from scrutiny by either district or appellate judges facing a deferential standard of review.