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Published Aug 29, 21
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How to Improve Patience and Timing Most traders have a strategy they follow that tells them when and where to get into a trade. That strategy, if traded correctly, should yield a profit; otherwise, there's no point in using it. It sounds simple, but traders face a problem: When watching a fast-moving chart in real-time, the mind gets tricked into thinking you should get into a trade before the trade setup has fully formed.

Wait for the setup to fully form and trigger your trade (a trigger is a precise event that tells you when to act). You also have to be okay with missing a trade; only take trades that give you a complete setup and trigger your trade. No trades should occur unless the market triggers it.

For example, if the price is trending higher and starts to pull back, consider waiting for that pullback to pause before considering getting in. Once the price starts to move sideways (during the pullback), try watching for little clues that the price is starting to go higher again. If the sideways movement (consolidation) lasts for several bars, it may help to watch for the price to move above the high for the consolidation to trigger the trade.

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These micro-movements give evidence that the buying pressure could be building again. If the price tends to move in the opposite direction right before it moves in the direction I expect, wait for that "fake out" move to occur and then act. Until you have multiple pieces of evidence that indicate now is the time to get in, don't trade.

As a bonus, you'll have less stress and frustration in your trading. The Balance does not provide tax, investment, or financial services or advice. The information is being presented without consideration of the investment objectives, risk tolerance, or financial circumstances of any specific investor and might not be suitable for all investors.

It's easy to make economic and market forecasts; it's just not easy to make accurate ones. Isn't it strange that the people predicting when oil prices will rebound are the same ones who never saw the price collapse coming? Will we ever see the day when investors receive financial advice based on their needs, goals and time horizon instead of someone's market forecast? There's nothing in one-, three- or five-year past performance data that will help you invest for the next one, three or five decades.

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Instead of outperforming the market, your goal should be to have your equity assets yield the market's long-term rate of return. Financial advisors should eat their own cooking by owning the same assets they recommend to their clients. This way if they do something dumb, they'll suffer along with their clients.

Is it just me or are too many people confusing paranoia for insight? You'll never get rich investing as if the world is about to come to an end. I've read predictions about the imminent end of America my entire adult life. They've all been wrong; which doesn't seem to dissuade today's Chicken Littles.

So why isn't there a minimum age to get paid for giving financial advice? I'm a fan of global diversification but we often underestimate the risks of investing outside the USA. The fact that many emerging-market countries shun capitalism and free markets, are ruled by communists, tyrants and theocrats; have unstable currencies, limited personal-property rights, restrictions on freedom of expression and religion and non-transparent capital markets is rarely mentioned.

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So how can it be that the Google search engine is free? Luck is often hidden by a small sample size. That's why speculators attribute their successes to their wisdom and investing skill and attribute their failures to bad luck. Few realize that their successes were also the result of luck.

Many investors have been oversold and underserved by Wall Street because most of its representatives have been trained and believe that the opposite is true. All financial bubbles have had a short, easy-to-understand story that sounded true but wasn't. Investors will continue to jump on bubble bandwagons because we like stories and quickly forget the lessons learned from the past.

For every outperforming dollar there is a dollar that underperforms by the same amount. As a group, all investors share the market's return. All assertions to the contrary are pure malarkey. A vast amount of information is available to investors. Fortunately, you only need to understand a small portion to be a successful investor.

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Patience is more important than smarts — which explains why most investors don't achieve the returns that the market freely offers.

Patience does not come naturally to people. It is a habit to develop. We often do things just for the sake of doing it. The same behavior reflects in people’s investment portfolios. If I may say, patience in stock investing is even rare. It is no surprise why we like SIP Plans.

What is the alternative? It does not sound difficult. Right? But we will still prefer keeping our investments on autopilot (SIP). Why? Because we do not have the patience to observe the market. Moreover, keeping idle cash gives us jitters. Being a patient investor has its tall benefits. Patience does not mean inaction.

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In this article, we will know about the “other things.” These things we must do when we are not investing. This article will also provide a valid justification for not ‘always’ investing. Practicing it will be a precursor to wealth creation. Activities of a Patient Investor, You can see the flow chart.

To an outsider, it might look that the investor is doing nothing. But in reality, he/she is following the process in repeated loops. Allow me to explain the investment strategy consisting of four steps:1. Identify Companies with a Wide Moat, In my previous article, I’ve explained in detail the concept of an economic moat and how to identify them using numbers.

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In Mar’2020, you found that the price of these stocks suddenly falls by 35-40% in few days. Now, you are desperate to buy these stocks, but you have no cash. How would you feel? Desperate right? During such times, cash stacked in the bank’s recurring deposit account can be the savior.

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This practice will never make us feel starved when the opportunity comes. One of the easiest ways to do this is by paying oneself first. 🙂3. Waiting For A Price Correction, Waiting for a price correction may sound easy, but it is far from it. To make waiting easier, preparation of a watchlist in Google Finance will help.

For each company, decide a margin of safety (MOS) – discount over the future price. For example, the MOS of bank stocks can be -10%, and the MOS of large-cap stocks can be -15%. For other Stocks, MOS above -20% will be better. How to check if the stock is trading at the required MOS? Use this formula:Current MOS = (Current Price – Estimated Future Price) / (Estimated Future Price)If you want to do it more professionally, replace “estimated future price” with the stock’s estimated intrinsic value.

4. Buy and Hold For Long Term, Experts like Warren Buffett advocate a very long holding time for stocks (like forever). But there is a caveat. Not all stocks are suitable for long-term holding. Only stocks of wide-moat companies qualify for such preferential treatment. Wide-moat stocks have a distinct advantage.

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Hence, it becomes easier for investors to hold on to such stocks for a very long time. In fact, people are motivated to stay glued to such stocks. The price of narrow or no moat stocks will not appreciate consistently. People may have to wait for a very long time to see even a decent price appreciation.

I’ll suggest you kindly read this article on the effects of share split and bonus shares. It will give an idea of what potentially can happen when wide-moat stocks are held on to for periods like 15-20 years. – what are compounding returns?Moreover, buying stocks first at a discount and then selling it too soon makes no sense.