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Published Jan 12, 22
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This guidance focuses on potential conflicts of interest that can arise from non-employment-related stocks, stock derivatives, and bonds, as well as other types of assets that are not investment vehicles. For guidance regarding potential conflicts that can arise from other types of securities, such as mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), see Conflicts of Interest: Legal Entities that Hold Assets.

(This document was last updated June 22, 2018.) This guidance focuses on potential conflicts of interest that can arise from financial interests that often accompany employment with a law firm or employment as a consultant. For guidance regarding potential conflicts that can arise from employment interests generally, see Conflicts of Interest Considerations: Common Employment Interests.

(This document was last updated June 22, 2018.) .

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In our article, Stock Trades of SEC Employees, we investigate the efficacy of this new regime in restricting informed trading in the SEC workforce. This investigation began with a Freedom of Information Act request we filed to collect all the SEC’s data on trades executed by the SEC workforce (collected under the new regime).

Even an appearance of financial impropriety potentially undermines the credibility of the SEC with its stakeholders. At a minimum, we hope our evidence encourages the SEC to (i) reassess the consistency of trading rules when firms are under investigation; (ii) review procedures related to selecting case staff assigned to handle investigations; (iii) assess the methods followed by the ethics group that approves trades; and (iv) drill down on specific individuals’ trades to assess whether abnormal returns are isolated to particular divisions or locations.

Federal Government Employees Federal Government employees can purchase select Apple products and third-party solutions for themselves and their immediate family members at a special price. Note, this program is for personal use only and not intended for purchases using agency funds. State & Local Government Employees State and Local Government employees can purchase select Apple products and third-party solutions for themselves and their immediate family members at a special price.

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As we all know that a ‘Government job’ in India is a sought after post and the most sought after career option amongst the youth. It allows you to serve your country and brings you job-stability. These jobs help you live a healthy and worry-free life both during the service and after retirement.

They struggle hard to achieve that career, going through tough competitive exams and training. Don’t you think Government Employees are distinguished? Can a Government Employee do other Private Business in India? Let us first understand who are the people falling under the category of ‘Government Employee’ or termed as a ‘Government Servant’.

So basically, any person being a member of the Service or holding Civil Post in either State or Central Government, or a Local Authority is termed as a ‘Government Employee’. Now to understand further, it is very important to know what positions do these hold and what is their relevance.

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The government for any State or Country is appointed to govern the country and look after the administrative, legislative, executive functions of the Land. India, being a democratic nation, its Government is ‘By the people and for the people’. The government gets its funds from the people of the country who pay taxes on the income they earn.

Also, the Government raises funds through various bond schemes for the Infrastructure and Development projects, Banking Projects they take up for the economic and social development of the nation, the business they carry for the public interest. All this is public money and the Government is accountable to the public for using every penny it earns.

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It still becomes essential to strictly manage the usage of knowledge, training, and money it provides to its employees to achieve its policies. – every individual is concerned about the use of the money it offers to the Government either through Investments or Taxes. The Government makes sure that it gives a report to the public about this.

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Let us take an overview of other services that concern the security of the Nation. Government employees at the Air Force, Navy or Army, are given strict training and may possess certain information that is very important. From the National Security point of view, such information cannot be leaked at any price.

Therefore the Government has to put sufficient restrictions for the well-being of the public and social trust and confidence. So now, we realize the reason for such provisions and restrictions on Government employees. With this, it will be easy to proceed ahead. A may apply for a post for employment elsewhere and such applications.

This depends on various factors like the amount spent by the Government on the training provided to the employee; the confidential information that the person possesses. Is the applicant a Disabled person or a person of Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe; does the person work on a permanent or temporary basis, etc? For example, Government employees of Scheduled Caste and Schedule Tribes or disabled ones are allowed to get employed elsewhere because the Government does not wish to devoid them of their prospects.

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A government employee cannot run a business. Following are the factors considered while imposing such a restriction. A Government employee is expected to discharge his duties towards the public with the utmost integrity and objectivity. He is required to follow ethical practices and a professional code of conduct both on and off service.

It may also lead him to an ethical dilemma that is not at all acceptable. An independent and unbiased approach to work is appreciated and required. As already discussed, Government employees are accountable to Government and in turn, Government is accountable to the Public. Hence it becomes very important to take care of every function that the employee performs.

Most of the Government employees form part of the legislative bodies in the country. Also being officers, they stand in the position to give orders and decide for what is to be followed by the general public. On one hand, being a part of that general public, such decisions may lead to a conflict of interest for the person.

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According to the CCS Rules, 1964, no shall without the previous sanction of the Government, Engage directly or indirectly in any trade or business, or Undertake or negotiate for any other employment, or Canvass for an elective candidate or hold any elective office, or Portray support for any insurance or commission business owned or managed by any of his family members, or Engage in registration, promotion, or management of any bank or company registered or liable to register under the Companies Act 2013 or any co-operative society for commercial purposes; other than to discharge his official duties, or Associate himself in any sponsored media program produced by a private agency including video magazine, except in an official capacity where the program is commissioned by Government, or Accept any fee for work done by him for a private or public body, unless the government orders so.